Tom & Luke

Our goal is to help educate people around how great food, movement and wellness is not only good for our bodies, but the impact on our energy levels, our focus and brain health.

Nature is one of the most powerful forces on the planet and we believe we should not mess with it. That’s why we only use high quality wholefoods and non-GMO ingredients in our products.

It is our mission to make it easy to eat clean and eat well, especially when life gets busy and time is precious. 


Tom & Luke Snackaballs have become a national favourite in New Zealand. Made with the best whole foods they could get their hands on – dates because of their natural sweetness and dense fibre, nuts and seeds for protein and omegas, cacao for antioxidants and a chocolatey note, and a smidge of natural flavours or extracts to give a flavour boost. They keep the wolf from the door and the perfect cure to 3pm-itis. 



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