Tom & Luke Snackaballs Gift Set

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A Snackaball Gift Set for Any Occasion!
This gift set includes 6 packets of Tom & Luke's vegan and sustainable Snackaballs, making it the perfect gift for your healthy-snack-loving friends and family!
Included in the Gift Set are:
1x Tom & Luke Beetroot Raspberry Brownie Snackaball, 70g
1x Tom & Luke Salted Caramel Snackaball, 70g
1x Tom & Luke Dark Strawberry Snackaball, 88g
1x Tom & Luke Dark Chocolate Original Snackaball, 88g
1x Tom & Luke Cacao, Mint & Almond Snackaball, 140g
1x Tom & Luke Zesty Lemon & Coconut Snackaball, 140g

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